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An exciting day...

Today is the release day of my first novel, Catalyst! Of course, it's now gone 10pm here in Brighton and I'm only just getting a chance to post about it... That's what life with a toddler will do for you! Still, I can't complain as we've had a *wonderful* day up in London at the Natural History Museum and she's been a star.

Anyway, on to the main event....


For the past four years, Dr. Jason Finely and Colonel Rick Tennant have served on the Union space station Argo as its chief science officer and military commander. Jason is the brains, Rick is the brawn. They have become good friends, but Jason wants more.

Jason is a brilliant scientist, but his lack of confidence leaves him unlucky in love. And Rick is so committed to his job he’s oblivious that his best friend’s feelings for him go beyond friendship.

When Rick finally shows interest in him, Jason is thrilled. Then he discovers Rick’s sudden attraction may be the result of a threat to Rick’s life. If Jason hopes to discover the truth, first he’ll have to save his friend.

Catalyst is available NOW from Dreamspinner Press in both e-book and print format.
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Men of Steel anthology

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Men of Steel anthology is now available in ebook and print form from Dreamspinner Press. I have a rather long (i.e. ~20,000 words) short story in this anthology called Prototype.

Prototype by Claire Russett

The Augment Initiative genetically enhances embryos to produce people with advanced physical and cognitive capabilities who are intended to render humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters. But Initiative scientist Robert Taunton has doubts about the weapons developed for the augments. His concerns aren’t purely scientific; his close friends, augments Zach and Allison, are testing the new energy-pulse weapon.

After a cataclysmic test, Zach stops by Robert’s lab to see if he can assist with what the scientist is working on—something to help defuse rather than exacerbate armed conflicts—and the results are incendiary, both in and out of the lab.


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All the stories in this anthology look great. I'm a sucker of this kind of sci-fi/fantasy stuff so I'm really excited to be a part of it!

For more info about the anthology, please go here.
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A somewhat longer 'short' story...

I just got the exciting news that my next 'short' story is now in the 'Coming Soon' section of the DSP website! I say 'short' because I over-shot the word limit for the anthology by quite a way and the story ended up being slightly over 20K. Thankfully, they didn't hold it against me and so my latest story, 'Prototype, will be part of the Men of Steel anthology due for release on the 9th April.

Although I do have a fanfic story with this title, I assure you that this story is completely original. I had a blast writing it as sci-fi is very close to my heart and I *loved* the theme of this anthology - super heroes!

Anyway, I'll post more details and an excerpt closer to the release date, but I just wanted to share! *g*

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Two Tickets to Paradise...

A somewhat cheesy title perhaps, but the front cover sure looks pretty! *g*

I have an original m/m short story in this anthology, which is due to be published on the 20th February. My story is called 'Reconnecting'...

Sam Jefferson is attending a summer physics conference on the Greek island of Corfu. The setting is breathtaking and the talks are exciting, but Sam is dismayed to discover that his ex, John Stanton, is also in attendance. Since John broke off their relationship to take a job overseas, Sam has done his best to re-build his life. John seems determined to reconnect, and despite his best efforts, Sam feels himself being drawn back to the man for whom he would have given up everything. Can he trust John with his heart once more, or is he about to make the same mistake again?

I'm very excited about this story because it is far longer than my first original short story, Inspiration, which is in the Higher Learning anthology. I'm particularly fond of Reconnecting's protagonist, Sam Jefferson, because the relationship issues he has to face are ones that I dealt with myself in the early days of my relationship with my husband. As a result, I was very happy to be able to give Sam a happy ending. ♥

I'll be back to post an excerpt nearer to the release date.

More details can be found on the Dreamspinner Press website here.
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Inspiration by Claire Russett, part of the 'Higher Learning' anthology from Dreamspinner Press

Well, in an effort to get over my nerves about the whole professional side of writing, I decided my pen name could do with her own LJ. So, I'd like to introduce clairerussett. I strongly suspect I'm going to end up with multiple personalities at the end of all this, but since I've always been a little bit touched, I guess I can't complain! :)

So, on to the good stuff... I am very excited to say that I have a short story in the Higher Learning anthology from Dreamspinner Press. I'm very excited by this anthology as it's my first foray into professional fiction publishing. I'm a researcher by trade so, when I saw the title of the anthology, I couldn't resist the temptation to put my guys in a university setting and let sparks fly. They say write what you know and although I've never actually encountered this exact scenario, a girl can keep hoping!

Inspiration by Claire Russett

Physics professor Dr. Eric Hardiman is working late one evening on a research project that's causing him problems—there's an error somewhere in his equations, but he just can't find it. He's distracted and frustrated when Matt Wilkinson, an engineering professor, arrives on the scene. Buzzing with energy from his own night's work, Matt inspires Eric in more ways than one.

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Buy your copy of the Higher Learning anthology here.